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Fabulous: Angela's Fashion Fever is the 2nd season of Fabulous series. It is released on April 21st, 2016.

It is released on Steam, PC, iOS, Android, and Kindle.


Angela wants nothing more than to be a world famous fashion designer. Her passion is reignited after discovering her husband, Jimmy, was having an affair with her former boss, Yum-Mee. As luck would have it, however, Truly - the greatest fashion icon in history - is hosting a competition, Become Truly. With retirement on the horizon for the fashion mogul, she's now searching for the lucky person to fill her shows and take over her empire. Does Angela have what it takes or will she get lost in the lights, cameras, and fashion?

Cast and characters[]

Character Function Description
Angela Napoli Fashion designer The main character in this series, and appeared in Become Truly Show, the wildcard.
Truly Become Truly Announcer The announcer of the show.
Magic Max The special and mysterious Like Everyone wants happiness!
Jenny Garcia Weather girl, news reporter Jenny is Angela's best friend
Virginia Hills Relationship therapist Virginia is Angela's best friend
Kitty Jackson Lawyer Kitty is Angela's best friend.
Cindy Cindy is Angela's buddy.
Victoria Fashion Designer A character in Become Truly Show. She's the only one that wins the show.
Bob Show Host Bob is in Become Truly show.
Lori Fashion Designer Lori is in Become Truly show. The main antagonist of Become Truly.
Yuna Fashion Designer Also in Become Truly show.
Celine Fashion Designer In Become Truly show
Bruna Fashion Designer In Become Truly show
Viola Fashion Designer In Become Truly show
Peter Minor appearance in Become Truly show.



In this game, dress levels cannot be skipped. You need to finish the dress if you want to advance. Serve customers by giving items they request as normal, just like Delicious.


Dialogue (finished)[]

New York[]


Rio de Janeiro[]



Las Vegas[]


Fabulous2 Trophies

Trophies collection, but not completed.



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