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Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat is the third season of the Heart's Medicine series. It released on May 2017.

When the hospital is on fire, Jenny Garcia is in the news, and Allison Heart is trying to get into the hospital, and suddenly, Allison fell down into the burning hospital.

It is also FREE (ad-supported) on mobile devices.


This is the sequel to Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal, except that instead of just a set of 8 hearts per patient, it has more or less hearts per patient, depending on size. The first game has 3 diamonds per challenge completion, making up to a total of 150 diamonds instead of usually 90.

Introduces new characters, new cutscenes, and more. In the first episode, it has an endless level called "Oliver and friends have taken over!". This requires an iOS/Android device to log in to Facebook to try to beat friends' highscores.[1]

There has a 2 easter egg secret mini-games, such as Allison Fighting game, and Retro Invaders (same as Chicken Invaders series from InterAction Studios).

Cast and characters[]

Character Function Personality History Notes
Allison Heart Medical Intern Goes above and beyond for her patients.

Overthinks everything.

After a rough year, Allison is continuing her internship at Little Creek Hospital.

Proven to be persistent and intelligent, she is sure to rise to the top of the medical world.

Is friends with Emily from the Delicious series.
Emily O'Malley Delicious chef Adorable girl. Emily is Co-starred from Delicious series, in the previous game, is the guest starring. Is friends with Allison.
Jenny Garcia Weather Girl, News Reporter The Fabulous Resident

Likes being in a hangout with her friends.

Although Jenny was first appeared in Fabulous, she starred here.

She tracks the news of what's happening in the whole world.

Best Friend Forever of Angela.
Daniel Summers Head of Little Creek Hospital Ambitious.


Daniel is currently missing after struggling with a drug addiction, and indirectly causing the death of one of his colleagues.

Allison and Daniel had feelings for each other.

Son of John Summers and Robin Fisher.
Connor McCoy Head of Pediatrics (formerly Physiotherapy) Good with kids, bad with adults.

Tough, but has a soft side.

Connor was there for Allison when Daniel disappeared, and has since become her boyfriend.

He feels he's beaten Daniel in the battle for Allison's affection.

Has had several meetings with HR about his behavior.
Ruth Phelps Head of the Lab and Pathology (formerly Pharmacy) Hard worker.

Will do anything for her friends.

Ruth is best friends with Allison, and often knows how to cheer her up after a long shift.

Currently, Ruth has been having some problems of her own, having received a mysterious letter which seems to have upset her.

Keeps losing her guinea pig, Oliver...
Sophia Gomez Head of the I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit), formerly E.R. (Emergency Room) Complimentary

Not easily phased.

Sophia lost her husband in an ambulance crash.

Shortly after, she stopped working at the E.R. and switched over to the I.C.U.

Strives to stay strong.
John Summer Head Diagnostician Workaholic.

Professional, but an odd-ball.

John is a former head of Little Creek Hospital, but had to step down due to his weakened heart.

John is also Allison's mentor, but it was her who saved his life when he had a heart attack.

Is one of the founders of Little Creek Hospital.
Victor Hamilton Board member Profit oriented.

Holds grudges.

Victor is a member of the Little Creek Hospital board. Father of Mason.
Chance Foley Head of Prenatal Care, Alternative Medicine, and Maternity Ward Friendly and calm.


Chance is good friends with Allison.

He's a quiet character that likes to keep an eye on the wellbeing of his colleagues, but tends to forget about his own.

Is still hoping to have a department focused on Alternative Medicine.
Robin Fisher Head of Radiology (previously Head of Plastic Surgery) No nonsense.


Although she's the head of a department, Robin is also running the hospital in her son's absence.

This way she hopes to save his job, and hide his disappearance from the board.

Previously married to John Summers, mother to Daniel Summers.
David Quinn Head of Surgery Sees patients as numbers.


Although Quinn sent Allison away when she first arrived in his department, he has since come to see her potential, and hopes that she will specialize in surgery. Difficult to work with.
Jenny Pope Medical Intern Dedicated student

Optimistic and happy.

Like Allison, Jenny is an intern at Little Creek.

Although she's good at studying, she does not perform well under pressure, and has a history of panicking during emergencies.

Is hoping to go into radiology after her internship.
Michael Owen Head of the Wards Enjoys the little things in life.

Dislikes slackers.

Michael was Allison's teacher in the ward.

Allison helped him reconnect with his father.

Takes exceptional care of his patients.
Mason Hamilton Medical Intern Narcissist.


Due to an administrative error, Mason was assigned to surgery instead of Allison, and has been smug about it ever since. Son of Victor.
Mathilda Heart n/a n/a Mathilda is Allison's mother, although they haven't kept in touch. n/a
Ryan Maples Teen Independent.

Closed personality.

Ryan and Allison meet in pediatrics, where he is a frequent visitor because of his ill health. n/a
Stan Theman Janitor Highly intelligent.


Stan has a history of being left out of games, despite clearly being the most important character in the cast.

He will stop at nothing to make an appearance anyway.

Claims to know who broke the fourth wall.



Continuing from the events of Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal, Allison Heart has begun a relationship with Connor McCoy, and is celebrating the opening of the new wing of Little Creek Hospital when her estranged mother, Mathilda Heart, calls Allison. Allison coldly rebuffs her, although both Connor and Ruth Phelps urge her to reconsider, given that Mathilda has now begun treatment at Little Creek. Determined to keep her life stable, Allison returns to her work in Pediatrics, and meets Ryan Maples, a young boy suffering from fever and nausea. Despite her best efforts, Allison's life devolves into chaos as Daniel Summers returns to Little Creek and kisses Allison in front of Connor, adding friction to their new relationship.

Seeking to tell Daniel that she has moved on, Allison goes to his office and meets Victor Hamilton, a member of the board looking to inquire about Daniel's dissappearance, missing drugs, and Allison's assumption of critical responsibilites despite only being an intern. As a consequence, Victor, along with his son Mason, place Little Creek under audit. While publically pledging the full support of the Little Creek staff, Daniel recruits Allison to help cover up the evidence of him stealing drugs to fuel his addiction, futhering the divide between her and Connor.

As the audit continues, Allison and Ryan bond over their similar upbringings, both having grown up with sick moms. Motivated by Ryan's devotion to his mom, Allison goes to visit Mathilda, only to discover that Mathilda is, in fact, Ryan's mother. While initially shocked, Allison quickly reconciles with her mom and gladly accepts Ryan as her new half-brother. Things quickly take a turn for the worse, however, when David Quinn reveals that Mathilda is in hospital for a kidney transplant, and came to Little Creek to gain Allison's consent as an organ donor.

Now in Pathology, Connor, Ruth, and Ryan each advocate that while Allison does not need to consent to become a donor, she should make a decision soon. Allison agrees to undergo the compatibility test, but despite being a perfect match, does not consent to being a donor, angering Ryan. Soon after, Connor breaks up with Allison, angered by the fact she cancelled a date to help Daniel continue his audit cover-up. Ruth eventually convinces Allison to consent to the kidney transplant, citing both her own experience with her aging mother and Ryan's love for his own mother. Allison undergoes the surgery.

A flashback reveals that after Allison's father's death, Mathilda developed a catatonic disorder to cope with the trauma. One day, Mathilda suffers an episode while cooking, leading to a massive fire that consumes both her and Allison. The two are brought by Mathilda's father in law, Donald Heart, to the Burn-Unit at the newly opened Little Creek, run by a young John Summers and Victor. John and Victor rapidly grow apart as Victor advocates for the use of a new burn cream backed by a wealthy pharmaceutical company offering a lucrative advertising contract, despite tests showing the cream could cause respiratory distress. Things come to a head when Victor swaps the cream in secret, causing Allison to experience an allergic reaction that almost kills her. On the day Allison is discharged, John informs the hospital board, leading to Victor having his medical license revoked. At the same time, Mathilda treats Allison to all her favorite activities before abandoning Allison at a diner, having realized that she poses a risk to her own daughter. Donald takes custody of Allison.

Back in the present day, Allison awakens from surgery, and having fully recalled the events leading to her initial abandonment, angrily rebuffs Mathilda's second attempt at reconcilliation, driving Mathilda to leave the hospital. Beginning her work in Prenatal with Chance Foley, Allison rejoices at the though of life returning to normal. Her joy increases as she learns that Sophia Gomez is pregnant with Joe Albright's son, and continues to reconnect with Daniel. As always, the joy is short lived. Victor finds a hidden file detailing Daniel's medicine stealing, thus revealing both his addiction and his attempted cover-up in one go. On the day of the board hearing, Mathilda and Ryan are rushed back to Little Creek after a major car accident. Allison chooses to tend to Mathilda and Ryan, leaving Daniel without support in the hearing. Mathilda is placed into a coma to stabilize her, Daniel is fired, and Victor assumes control of the hospital.

Victor's new leadership has immediate effects. His profit maximization mindset shackles Quinn, who cannot run sufficient tests to figure the cause of Mathilda's negative response to the operation, and burdens Sophia, who is forced to care for an increasing number of patients in the Intensive Care Unit with less equipment. To compensate, Allison gets Daniel, now working at rival Queensburrow Bridge, to run the additional tests for Mathilda. Meanwhile, Victor begins replacing equipment with outdated models, aiming to generate profit by selling the newer models. When confronted by John, he vows to destroy Little Creek, just like John destroyed his career, but not before getting rich first.

After a treatment recommended by the Queensburrow test worsens Mathilda's condition, Ryan suffers a catatonic episode, causing Allison to realize that Mathilda's condition is not psychological, but physical. Analyzing the list of symptoms and triggers, Ruth diagnoses it as advanced Herkin's disorder, meaning that Mathilda would require immediate conscious brain surgery to save her life. As Victor has sold the equipment necessary for the operation, Allison flies via helicopter Queensburrow, while Quinn and Sophia prep Mathilda for the operation. As Sophia closes the ICU for the night, the old equipment Victor reinstalled sparks and catches fire.

In the ensuing inferno, Connor evacuates most of the hospital's patients, while an unconscious Sophia, who had returned to the ICU in an attempt to contain the fire, is carried out by Chance. Allison, having returned from Queensburrow, rushes to the surgery room to operate on Mathilda. As Quinn battles the fire, Allison performs the operation, reconcilling with Mathilda along the way. The operation is successful, but the pair remain surrounded by the fire, which has now consumed the entire operation room. Resigned to their faith, Allison and Mathilda embrace, only for Daniel to break through the wall and rescue both mother and daughter. As Mathilda is loaded into an abulance, Allison thanks Daniel for saving both their lives. The two share a kiss.

In the epilogue, the staff of Little Creek undergo psychiatric evaluation before beginning work at Queensburrow.


Dialogue (Completed!)[]



  • TBA

Allison's apartment[]

Item Cost Description



Clearest view and completed collection of Trophies

Name Description How to achieve Image
Allison Heart Got all other trophies! Collect all other trophies!
HM3 Allison.jpg
Chance Foley You completed your internship at the maternity ward! Complete Maternity Ward (Levels 31-40)
HM3 Chance.jpg
Connor McCoy You completed your internship at the pediatrics department! Complete Pediatrics (Levels 1-10)
HM3 Connor.jpg
Daniel Summers You bought all the upgrades in every department! Buy all the upgrades!
HM3 Daniel.jpg
Janitor (Stan Theman) Completed all "clean up" tasks in the game! Complete all "clean up" tasks.
HM3 Janitor.jpg
Jenny Pope You restocked 250 items! Restock 250 items.
HM3 Jenny.jpg
John Summers You completed the burn unit flashback! Complete Burn Unit (Levels 21-30)
HM3 John.jpg
Little Girl (Nicky) You checked out 600 patients with golden hearts! Check out 600 golden heart patients.
HM3 Little Girl.jpg
Mason Hamilton You earned 250 hearts in mini games! Earn 250 hearts in mini games.
HM3 Mason.jpg
Mathilda Heart You earned 3 stars in each story level! Earn 3 stars in all story levels
HM3 Mathilda.jpg
Michael Owen You had an item on your tray before someone asked for it! Have an item on your tray before someone asks for it.
HM3 Michael.jpg
Oliver You found every Oliver in every story level! Find all Olivers!
HM3 Oliver.jpg
Princess You walked 40,000 yards! Walk 40,000 yards.
HM3 Princess.jpg
David Quinn You finished all bonus levels with at least one diamond! Finish all bonus levels with a diamond.
HM3 Quinn.jpg
Robin Fisher You got 200 quick checkout bonuses! Get 200 quick checkout bonuses.
HM3 Robin.jpg
Ruth's Mom You used the heart booster stations to earn 200 hearts! Earn 200 hearts using heart booster stations.
HM3 Ruth Mom.jpg
Ruth Phelps You completed your internship in pathology! Complete Pathology (Levels 11-20)
HM3 Ruth.jpg
Ryan Maples You collected all the diamonds in the game! Earn 150 diamonds.
HM3 Ryan.jpg
Sam You completed your internship in psychiatry! Complete Psychiatry (Levels 51-60)
HM3 Sam.jpg
Sophia Gomez You completed your internship at the Intensive Care Unit! Complete Intensive Care (Levels 41-50)
HM3 Sophia.jpg
Victor Hamilton You filled up every spot where a patient could stand, sit or lie down, and had at least one person standing at the checkout desk! Fill up every spot, and have at least one person at the checkout desk.
HM3 Victor.jpg


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  1. Similar to Whac-A-Mole
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